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      Substance by Adobe

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Product description:Substance by Adobe

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3D is becoming a reality

The Substance suite for texture production and material creation gives you just the right amount of 3D production.Whether you work in games, movies, architecture, or design, there's a Substance app that helps you turn your craziest ideas into reality.


3D material drawing tool

Opening a new creative experience in the 3D world.Intelligent material can be applied to any 3D model, perfectly presenting the most real wear effect;Nonlinear workflow allows creative inspiration to be unconstrained.With preset masks of various shapes and a brush that can be modified instantly, 3D painting has never been easier.


High-end 3D material library

To provide your project with instant availability of professional high quality 3D materials.The Substance Material Library contains thousands of 3D materials created by some of the world's leading 3D artists, with an endless variety of user tuning parameters.Material format supports mainstream 3D software, game engine and renderer.


Create advanced 3D material library

Whether you're mixing or tweaking existing materials, or taking a photo or scanning it in HD, Substance alchemy is your perfect place to get creative.

From physical materials to digital 3D materials, from inspiration exploration to perfect visual presentation, it is so simple.


Advanced 3D material creation tool

3D material creation industry standard, professional node production of seamless materials and patterns, and edit the complete material set.Technical artists can create from scratch in a node-based non-linear environment, or get creative with the ever-expanding scripting capabilities of Substance Designer.Even when you think about it, the details are perfect.

New workflow, as you wish

From modeling to rendering to game engines, the Substance files work well with other applications in the 3D process.Import, tune, and export Substance SBSAR files directly in applications such as Adobe Dimension, Unreal Engine 4 for Epic Games, Unity, Autodesk's Maya, and 3DS Max.

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